A Sky News reporter awkwardly shut down after asking Tom Felton a question about JK Rowling

A Sky News reporter has been banned from interviewing a Harry Potter actor about the absence of its creator JK Rowling.

The reporter was interviewing Tom Felton – who played Draco Malfoy in the films – at the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s School 25th anniversary event.

Journalist Claire Gregory told Tom, “And you’re kind of, you’re still, you and the other stars of the film, still the face of the franchise if you will.

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“We talk and hear about you guys. JK obviously has some sort of backseat now. Is it strange that she’s not around for things like that? »

Sky News reporter silenced after asking Tom Felton JK Rowling a question

Tom, 34, just stared as a nearby publicist came on steam with, “Next question please.”

Claire then laughed awkwardly “okay”.

Rowling faced accusations of transphobia after mocking a tweet that referred to “people who menstruate” rather than women.

The billionaire author also said she believes biological women are entitled to gender-segregated spaces.

Sky News hit back at censorship
Sky News hit back at censorship

But Rowling, 56, also said: ‘Every trans person has the right to live in whatever way feels authentic and comfortable to them.

However, she has always been abused online accusing her of transphobia and some actors in the Hary Potter franchise – whose career she effectively launched – have distanced themselves from her.

After being asked why the round of questioning had been cut short, Tom Felton’s team said: ‘JK Rowling is not related to Warner or Tom Felton, the team felt it was not relevant to the article.”

Where are the Harry Potter actors now?
Franchise stars have distanced themselves from Rowling

Sky News also released a statement after the interview denouncing the censorship.

It said: ‘PR does not and should not – for all sorts of reasons including press freedom – dictate the editorial direction of Sky News.’

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