Allen Media Group eyes $11 million purchase of Black News Channel

CBS News will see its local stations and streaming service team up for an investigative series that will appear on the network’s platforms. In what will be a first for the company, the “Crime Without Punishment” series is directed by correspondent Jim Axelrod.

Reports will appear on the CBS Evening News, CBS News Streaming, local newscasts across the country, and other CBS platforms. The series will include national and regional reporting from CBS News and local CBS reporters, focusing on an unusual sensation.

“Police are closing a smaller share of murder cases than at any other time in American history,” the network said, per The Hollywood Reporter.

The series “examines the sad reality of a justice system in crisis, puts faces to the staggering statistics and examines why the once sacrosanct promise that no murder remains unsolved is now routinely broken – with solve rates at 50 year low.”

Additionally, the series is the first major collaborative investigation between the national team and local CBS reporters. The company also incorporates the stations and the national news division, which CBS has prioritized.

“That’s what CBS News and Stations was built for,” said Wendy McMahon, co-president of CBS News and Stations. “Collaborative inquiries like these push us to produce something distinctive and impactful.”

“These trends we are looking at are not just national headlines. The issue of crime without justice or punishment deeply affects local communities. We have an opportunity to connect the dots for our audiences and help them understand that this is a systemic problem on many levels.

CBS News Streaming is also releasing a 30-minute CBS Reports documentary related to the series on June 30.