Critical Injury Appeal Produces No Validity – Akron News-Reporter

Submitted by Collin Patterson

At 11:19 p.m. on June 9, several Washington County emergency service agencies were called to a vehicle rollover with two potentially seriously injured patients, located five miles south of Last Chance.

The Southwest Washington County Fire Department and Washington County Ambulance Team – Last Chance responded locally, along with the main Washington County Ambulance Team from Otis and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. WY Communications lost contact with the reporting person and never reconnected. Due to the alleged nature and severity of the incident, Airlife Denver-based helicopter Hugo was dispatched to the scene and their Centennial helicopter was placed on standby.

SWWCFD and WCAS arrived at the suspected location to find no evidence of an accident. They drove several miles south into Lincoln County and north to Last Chance just in case the caller was unaware of their location. The search was halted after approximately 20 minutes of searching nearly 20 miles of Highway 71 ditches with searchlights. It is unclear whether this was a hoax or a misinterpretation of events by a passerby on Highway 71.

If nothing else, this event was an “involuntary practical test of the Washington County emergency services response to a traumatic event,” says Washington County Ambulance Service Intermediary Jerry Morris. Citizens of Washington County, if this was a hoax, please keep in mind that a response of this nature and magnitude, especially in the dark, is a threat to everyone’s safety. stakeholders.