Diane Ronnau, veteran CBS News producer, has died

Diane Ronnau, who spent more than three decades as a producer for CBS News, has died.

During Ronnau’s notable career, she produced for “48 Hours” and the CBS morning show, and occasionally contributed to “CBS Sunday Morning.”

For the past 20 years, she has served as a producer for the “CBS Evening News”, covering stories spanning the legal and political worlds, as well as breakthroughs in medical and scientific innovation. She recently helped produce a CBS News primetime special about the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.

Diane Ronnau
Diane Ronau.

(CBS News)

In a 2007 interview with CBS, Ronnau opened up about her battle with cancer.

“I chose not to be identified with cancer,” Ronnau said. “I choose to be identified as a working mother.”

On Saturday, his colleagues paid tribute to him.

Former CBS News president Susan Zirinsky, who worked closely with Ronnau at “48 Hours,” called her a “superior reporter” who was “the essence of bravery.”

“Diane was a light,” Zirinsky said. “She could handle any challenge on any show.”

Diane Ronnau
Diane Ronnau


“I have never met anyone who walked through adversity with such humor and grace,” CBS News National Correspondent Lee Cowan wrote of Ronnau. “She taught us all not only about journalism, but also about how to live. She is one of a kind.”

“Diane was a fighter – a no-nonsense reporter with unparalleled persistence and spirit,” said “CBS Evening News” executive producer Adam Verdugo. “I have always been struck by his tireless spirit.”

Talk show host Andy Cohen, who worked with Ronnau at CBS News, posted a tribute on Instagram, calling him “the most adventurous, fearless person you’ll ever meet.”

“Ronnau’s spirit, drive and confidence were legendary,” Cohen wrote. “We called her ‘the expert’ because she was… As befits a CBS News producer, she literally knew everything. I’m full of fond, happy memories of her.”