Fourth-year Clairemont reporter wins interview with San Diego mayor

Mayor Todd Gloria watched Sky featured on the Zevely Zone on CBS 8 and reached out within seconds.

SAN DIEGO – You never know who can watch the news on CBS 8! In this Zevely Zone, I went to Clairemont where a fourth-grader had a meeting with the mayor of San Diego.

As a young journalist, you always remember scoring your first big interview. So you might be wondering how someone so young landed a one-on-one with Mayor Todd Gloria.

“How are you? I’m Todd. You must be Sky,” Mayor Gloria said after pulling up with her security in a black SUV outside Sky’s house.

A few weeks ago we introduced Sky Ewing. “I’ve never been so shy. I love talking to people,” Sky told us. She’s a child journalist with a Youtube channel which includes police officers, firefighters, FBI agents, Legoland master builders, park rangers, dentists and journalists.

“I’m the cameraman, the producer, the editor,” said her father, Edward.

After the Zevely Zone story aired, CBS 8 anchor Eric Kahnert added this. “Sky says she’d like to interview San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria next, and we know the mayor likes to watch this show, so if you’re watching, what do you think, mayor?”

Within seconds, the mayor reached out. “I follow Eric on Twitter so it was really easy to DM him. It’s just good to get out of the office,” Mayor Gloria said with a big smile.

Until that day, neighbors only knew Sky as the talkative kid on the block with a made-for-TV personality.

“It makes sense that she’s a little news anchor, it’s no surprise,” a neighbor said.

Sky then launched into her interview with the mayor.

“Hi everyone, welcome to Sky Girl Reporter and today I’m here with Todd Gloria, the Mayor of San Diego,” Sky said. Here are some of the questions that followed:

“How do you become mayor?” Sky asked.

“Well, I ran for office,” Mayor Gloria replied.

“What do you like about being mayor? Sky asked.

“I love that stuff,” Gloria replied.

“After being mayor, would you like to become governor or president? Sky asked.

“Not particularly,” Mayor Gloria replied.

Part of becoming a journalist is finding common ground with your story. Sky learned that she and the mayor are both children of Clairemont. CBS 8 showed the mayor some childhood photos his staff sent us.

“Oh! Who gave you this picture?” laughs the mayor. When Todd Gloria was around Sky’s age, he was already shaking hands and making friends. “It’s me with Governor George Deukmejian,” Mayor Gloria said.

As a child, when Gloria didn’t win the Mayor of the Day contest, he acted as a lawyer. “It was my first costume, it doesn’t look that different from now,” Mayor Gloria said. “But if you look closely, you see this little pin on my tie, that’s it, the same pin.”

Carrying the San Diego seal hasn’t been easy, which is why Mayor Gloria hands it over to Sky. “That’s what we’re supposed to do,” Mayor Gloria said.

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“What is the hardest thing about being mayor? Sky asked.

“I often find that there is not enough time in the day,” Mayor Gloria replied.

After Sky asked dozens of questions, I only had one; did I still have a job?

“I don’t know Zevely, you better improve your game!” laughed Mayor Gloria who gave Sky an autograph.

“I’m glad you’re making your voice heard,” Mayor Gloria said.

“He’s a good mayor,” Sky said.

The next step ? Sky wants to interview CBS News morning anchor Gayle King and then use that connection to interview Gayle’s best friend Oprah. For a link to Sky’s YouTube channel Click here.

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