From network television news producer to editor of over 90 pureplay local news sites, meet Adam Darsky.

An “E&P Reports” Vodcast with Mike Blinder

While a student at Southern Methodist University, Adam Darsky was bitten by the “journalism bug” while writing for “The Daily Campus”, so after graduating he took an entry-level job as a sports reporter at a small newspaper outside of Dallas. It wasn’t long before he was jumping from newspapers to broadcasting, landing an internship at Dallas’ all-sports radio station.

Darsky transitioned from radio to television, beginning his 25 years as a television news producer, running the prompter and tearing up scripts for KXAS-TV in Dallas, then producing and managing jobs in Savannah, Tucson, Houston and Charlotte. Finally, he found himself in New York City as executive producer of the nation’s #1 morning TV show.

Today, you’ll find Adam Darsky as the new chief content officer for much-talked-about local news disruptor, TapInto. TapInto is a network of over 90 hyper-local franchised online news websites, mostly in New Jersey, one of the nation’s most populated and media-saturated corridors.

In this 109and episode of “E&P Reports”, editor mike blinder goes one-on-one with Darsky to learn more about his shift from broadcast TV to hyper-local and pureplay news and what he thinks about the future of online-only news publishing.