Iowa News Reporter Goes On TV To Reveal She’s A Transgender Woman – Deadline

A journalist for a ABC Affiliate in Des Moines, Iowa, who felt like she was “splitting in two” before, told viewers this week that she is a transgender woman.

Nora JS Reichardt appeared in a live package on WOI-DT (watch it below) to talk about her personal journey and how she was “just a person almost wearing my body, not living in it.” She has worked for the station since July 2021.

“I’m a transgender woman living in Des Moines,” Reichardt said. “For a long time I didn’t think I could stay like this, at least not on air like this. I didn’t know there was a place in a space for me to do this kind of work that I came to work and enjoy while becoming myself while doing it.

Reichardt remembers growing up in rural Minnesota and not having the “language to describe” how she felt. She also remembers being “anxious for as long as I can remember.”

“Sometime after I started being on the air, I hit a personal breaking point where I was like, ‘Why do I not like the person I see every time I go on the pitch? Why don’t I connect with that person? Why don’t I want to be that person?”

She began seeing in September and requested “medical intervention”, which included hormone replacement therapy.

“Everyone in my life knew me as Nora except the viewers at home,” she told the camera.