Iowa TV reporter Nora JS Reichardt comes out as transgender on air

A reporter from Iowa came out like a transgender woman on her local newscast.

Nora JS Reichardt, an all-around reporter for Local 5 News in Des Moines, Iowa, re-entered the community the same day she legally changed her name.

“I didn’t know if there was a place and a space for me to do this kind of work that I’ve really come to love and appreciate, while becoming myself while I do it,” she said during her segment.

The 24-year-old explained that she had pondered her gender identity since high school, but grew up in a rural area and society wasn’t as gender-friendly as it is today. Today, she couldn’t even find the words to express her feelings.

Reichardt says she realized something was wrong after she started working as a journalist and didn’t “connect” with the person on screen.

She started hormone treatments and medical transition in September 2021.

“There was a decent period of time where everyone in my life functionally knew me as Nora, except for viewers at home,” Reichardt said.

Reichardt says she is happier than ever since transitioning.
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Reichardt walked away from work before making her announcement to viewers at home to make sure she could accomplish everything she wanted for the transition before returning and breaking the news.

“It’s hard to describe how it feels to finally share this,” Reichardt said on Twitter. “For a long time, my own body felt alien and wrong, and the transition was the first time I felt like myself in my 24 years of life.”

She added that she is the person she was before, but is now significantly happier, not only because of her recognition, but also the people around her.

According to the News 5 website, Reichardt attended Drake University, where she earned degrees in news and sociology.

ESPN reporter MA Voepel announced on Twitter in August that he was transitioning and that he would now use male pronouns.