Launch of news media publication “Grid” with a focus on interconnected storytelling

WASHINGTON, January 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Grid, a publication that enlightens news-hungry readers on the topics that matter most, launched today. Grid.newsthe publication’s website, is dedicated to reporting on how today’s most important trends, challenges and opportunities connect to each other – and require connected solutions.

Grid is founded by CEO Marc Baumannan award-winning media executive with decades of experience working for National Geographic, Smithsonian Media and ABC News, and by the editor Laura McGannan accomplished editor and journalist with expertise in politics and politics whose previous positions include leadership roles at Vox and POLITICO.

Grid reporting and storytelling includes a daily newsletter that readers can subscribe to here. The publication brings a new approach to journalism, focused on breaking down silos so journalists can work collaboratively. Grid, through its 360-degree reporting and signature format, shows readers how stories connect across beats and how to understand them through multiple lenses. Grid puts data and expertise first and uses new formats to help readers navigate complex stories.

“Our reporters and subject matter experts collaborate on today’s most important stories, tying together different threads so our audience can see the big picture,” Bauman said. “This key idea underlies every story Laura and her experienced editorial team report. Covid, for example, is a medical story, a political story, a disinformation story and an economic story. We bring it all together in one place, so people don’t have to hunt every one of these pieces on the web.”

“I’ve spent my career building strong editorial teams that are more than the sum of their parts,” McGann said. “When journalists and editors with different expertise and skills collaborate, there is a multiplier effect on all of their work.”

“That’s been especially true in big news moments, when reporters and editors have abandoned their silos to approach issues from multiple angles at once,” McGann said. “Grid is designed to make that exception to the rule the norm. I’ve built a team of exceptional reporters who see connections through beats and believe that working across traditional reporting lines will lead to better stories.”

The Grid newsroom, based in washington d.c., will focus on the most important stories of our time, including global security, climate change, science, disinformation, commerce and the state of American democracy. At launch, Grid leans on vaccine hesitancy in pregnant women through multiple lenses, an in-depth, data-driven analysis of climate change solutions, cheerleading antitrust issueand an analysis of what Russia and Putin are really after When it comes to Ukraine.

For a complete list of the Grid team, Click here.