National News Channel calls Mahesh Babu an actor from Kannada

Mahesh Babu has made some intriguing remarks about his plans to enter Bollywood. Mahesh claimed he did not want to pursue Hindi films because Bollywood could not afford him when asked about his arrival. Mahesh later explained that he meant that he preferred working exclusively in Telugu films rather than juggling multiple sectors. Meanwhile, Bollywood superstars were angered by the provocative remarks. Bollywood producers such as mukesh bhatt and boney kapoor chastised Mahesh for his remarks.

These statements were also widely covered by the national media. However, rather than calling Mahesh a Telugu actor, one channel referred to him as a Kannada actor. On live television popular news channel CNN mentioned Mahesh Babu as a Kannada actor. This again demonstrates the naïve attitude of the media towards South Indians.

When Kannada star chiranjeevi Sarja passed away, a prominent journalist published Chiranjeevi’s photo. Mahesh is a Kannada actor, according to a news channel. netizens are now going viral on social media with a screenshot of this report, mocking the news channel for its incompetence. Most fans lashed out at the news channel for not even fact-checking before making a news story.