NBC News reporter didn’t make up the Paul Pelosi story

NBC News has suspended Emmy-winning reporter Miguel Almaguer after the network pulled a story he reported involving Paul Pelosi. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was allegedly attacked by a man wielding a hammer at his San Francisco residence.

According The New York Post, Almaguer was suspended for his flawed report which said Pelosi did not declare a “state of emergency” or attempt to leave, but instead returned to his attacker when police arrived.

Nationally syndicated radio hosts Howie Carr and Grace Curley raised questions on Tuesday on the timing of Almaguer’s suspension.

“How many people approved of this story? Carr said. “It wasn’t on the local NBC affiliate, it was on the network. How many producers and editors had to approve this before it aired? »

Curley said some reporters who covered Paul Pelosi rushed to report things that were later retracted or refuted.

“Here’s a note to fellow reporters, if you’re so concerned about misinformation or misinformation, make sure your story is accurate before you publish it,” she said.

Curley added that some reporters like to check facts despite inaccuracies in their own reporting.

“I don’t think this NBC reporter made up this story,” Carr said. “I don’t think he would have taken such a risk. Someone he trusted told him.