NORFOLK – A new car wash in Norfolk aims to raise people’s expectations.

“We have been working for almost three years to bring Tommy’s to Norfolk,” said Ben Conover, co-owner of Tommy’s Express. “Finding a spot on 13th Street was nearly impossible.”

He and co-owner Matt Preister started the project about nine months ago – almost as long as their wait for glass windows has been.

“[So instead of glass] We’re actually going to put the whole thing together, put some epoxy on it and start it all up on Monday,” Conover said.

Some things make Tommy’s Express unique. Namely, it recycles 80% of the water. Alternatively, in a traditional car wash, up to 30 gallons of water are completely wasted per car, according to Bring Wash. Water protection is especially helpful when places like the Colorado River have shrunk to just 20% of their capacity this year.

The Environmental Protection Agency also notes the potential damage from car washes that are not Tommy’s style.

“Professional car wash systems create washing wastewater that can have a significant impact on the environment if not properly managed and disposed of,” notes a 2002 report.

Conover noted, “All of our chemicals are environmentally friendly.”

Additionally, Tommy’s Express partners with the non-profit organization Water Mission, which helps people in developing countries get safe drinking water.

Another perk of Tommy’s Express, according to owners, is that their wash has an app for members to get free washes and other rewards.

It’s slated to open in mid-June, when there’s a free laundry weekend and grand opening giveaways like a grill and free passes.

“We’re pretty impartial, probably biased,” Conover laughed, “but we have the highest quality equipment, and our membership system makes it so easy to use — you can do it all from the comfort of your home.”

The car wash takes two and a half minutes, while they wash a car every 17 seconds.

There are 105 sites nationwide and approximately 500 sites will be opened nationwide over the next three to five years.

“Free vacuums and free carpet washes too, the first month is free to test drive to see if you like us because we know you will,” Preister said.