News media react to Supreme Court’s plan to strike down abortion rights

The Supreme Court’s leaked draft notice to strike down Roe vs. Wade has caused many people to discuss and debate abortion rights. CNN pundit Jeffery Toobin pushed former Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) to discuss her state’s position on the matter.

“So by taking this back to the states, I feel more comfortable working in my home state of Utah for a bill that will be better for Utahns,” Love said, per The hill. “And the same with every other state instead of nine Supreme Court justices making a decision that everyone has to live under.”

Toobin then asked members of Congress what the penalties should be for a woman who simply does not want a pregnancy and does not consider an abortion due to rape or incest.

” What are the sanctions ? You know, what are the penalties? Let me ask the member. I mean, you know, you think abortion is the taking of a life.

“MP, how many years in prison should a woman get if she wasn’t a rape, it wasn’t the product of rape or incest, just an unwanted pregnancy. She’s getting abortion in Utah She took a life on purpose How many years should she go to prison?

Love said she was not there to be judge, jury or executioner over what penalties women in her state would face if they had abortions if it became illegal in Utah.

“I will not be the judge, jury or executioner,” Love replied. “I’m just going to do whatever I can to make sure this woman has hopefully all the resources and information she needs to make an informed decision and I’m going to be incredibly compassionate.”

However, Toobin continued to pressure Love on the matter.

“You are a legislator. You are a legislator,” Toobin said. ” What are the sanctions ? How many years in prison for this one?

“I’m not going to put anyone in jail for an unwanted pregnancy,” Love shot back. “But what I said I would do is try to protect life. And I think we should all be concerned with protecting life. That doesn’t mean you have to take someone’s life. another to protect an unborn child.