Not For Broadcast, an FMV News Producer Simulation, Releases Version 1.0 This Month

Prepare the censor button

If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to push buttons on a live show, trying to keep it all together, Not for broadcast is just around the corner to give you a chance. The full-motion video simulation (FMV) game will officially launch on January 25, 2022.

Not for broadcast has been in Early Access on Steam for a little while, but NotGames and TinyBuild are launching full production at the end of the month. The Version 1.0 update will include Episode 3, which includes three broadcasts and over 17 hours of new TV content, along with new ads, story endings, challenges, and more.

The configuration of Not for broadcast is that you are a new technical producer for the National Nightly News. Using a production board, you’ll decide which angles go live, which ads run, and which swear words pass without a loud “beep.”

Of course, nothing is ever that simple. Things will go haywire, from electrical issues to little mini-games you’ll need to complete as the show goes on. And all the while, of course, pleasing both the announcers and the bigwigs upstairs.

Fun fact: I worked at a news station for a little while! And after playing the demo for Not for broadcast A while ago I found his portrayal of the technical aspects of television production – setting up cameras, going live during interviews – to be both amusing and at least somewhat similar to how it actually works . The granular aspects are smoothed out, but you’ll likely have times where you lose track of the interview and let a plan linger too long.

Early Access reviews are looking pretty positive on Steam, and from what I’ve seen of the story content, Not for broadcast seems to take a satirical approach to modern society. And with all the FMV games coming out these days, it’s fun to see one like this add a new twist to the genre. Like Night Trap but with news instead of hatches. You can find Not for broadcast on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store.