Reporter Harasses Haldirams Manager For Urdu Packaging On Navratri Namkeen, Video Goes Viral

Haldiram Viral Video: A video is going wildly viral on social media where a journalist can be seen harassing the manager of a Haldiram outlet for an Urdu description on the packaging of a Namkeen mix. The snack in question is called “Falhari Mixture” in new packaging. The description on the back of the namkeen is written in Urdu while the main text on the front is in English. It also clearly displays the green vegetarian symbol.Also Read – Viral Video: Anand Mahindra shares surreal view from Mount Everest summit with inspirational message. look

Halidram’s Falhari mix contains a mild blend of peanuts and potatoes with mild spices. It is one of the popular snacks at Haldiram which is eaten by people who fast during the nine days of the Hindu festival of Navratri. Also Read – Viral Video: Obama Refers to Biden as Vice President, Funny Banter Leaves the Internet in Multiple Parts. look

The video surfaced on Twitter after a Hindi news channel shared the clip of their reporter confronting a Halidram employee over the company’s Urdu packaging on said product.

The journalist places a microphone in front of the manager’s face while his cameraman records her “forced interview”. She asks the manager, who is also a woman, what Haldiram is trying to hide by concealing the namkeen package description in Urdu. A crowd of people and a policeman could be seen watching the confrontation.

As the reporter continues to aggressively put the microphone in front of the manager and insist that he answer questions, the manager says that the food inside the package is not a health hazard. She then asks the journalist to leave the store.

“If you want to have this you can have it, if you don’t want to have it you can just keep it here and leave from my outlet,” the manager said.

When the reporter persists and keeps asking her the same thing, the manager clearly looks frustrated but keeps her calm and tells her she’s not going to tolerate this anymore. Now, with a high-pitched voice and a smile on her face, the reporter asks her again what is hidden inside the package. “Animal oil? Beef oil? »

The manager responds by saying that she is free to think what she wants. She then tells the reporter that people from different communities, who speak different languages, consume the food and that this description is meant for them.

She then shows the reporter other Namkeen packages which have Hindi or English written on them. The manager asks the reporter why can’t she look at these packages and only ask him about the Urdu ones. The reporter then tells the manager that the namkeen with Urdu wrapper is specially made for vrat (fasting).

Several Twitter users sided with the reporter and criticized Haldiram for selling a product aimed at the Hindu population during Navratre with Urdu written on it. However, most Twitter users were outraged by the reporter’s rude behavior towards the Haldiram employee. Netizens also praised the store manager for handling the situation well.

The ‘#Haldirams’ hashtag was trending on Twitter on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, the following video has received over 7.2 lakh views since being shared on Tuesday evening.

Watch the viral video below:

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