COLUMBUS, Neb. – While much of central Nebraska faced storms Thursday night, it was the northeastern part of the state that was worst hit Friday morning.

Severe thunderstorm warnings arose in several central Nebraska counties, including fire-hit Furnas County, but 4 to 7 inches of rain in the Madison and Platte County areas resulted in significant floods.

Interstate 81 is closed three miles north of Columbus to nine miles south of Madison. The highway is closed in both directions. Water has been reported on several roads and several streams are in flood. Madison and Platte counties are under flood warning until 12:15 p.m. CT.

The National Weather Service reminds drivers never to drive through flood waters.

Along with flooding, hail was a notable feature of Thursday evening’s storm, with places like Lindsay blanketed in hail by mid-evening.

The bad weather should return Friday evening. Hail, flash floods and some tornadoes are all possible. Storms are expected to start again in the central part of the state and push eastward.

Thunderstorms are expected to resume in the afternoon and continue into the evening.

There could be continued precipitation over the weekend, with cumulative rainfall totals expected to reach 1 to 3 inches.