VICE News reporter prepares hit story against RNM

Anya Zoledziowski, VICE News — Photo: CBC

Left-leaning international outlet VICE News is focusing on REAL News Michiana for an upcoming story defending a local teacher who was fired after RNM revealed the educator was a porn star.

In June, an RNM investigation uncovered a local teacher, Sarah Seales (Juree), who was earning her living alongside a pornographic profile on the Onlyfans website. RNM also discovered that Seales had asked her 10-year-old students to call her by her porn name, Mrs. Buttercup. Seales worked for a specialist school run by the Ministry of Defence. She was fired for violating DoD policies. His dismissal letter can be viewed here.


On Wednesday, RNM received an email from VICE News reporter Anya Zoledziowski asking about RNM’s coverage and investigation of Seales.

“I’m currently working on a follow-up story out of Indiana, where a woman who turned to OnlyFans to supplement her income was fired from her teaching job in June. The woman said your articles on Real News Michiana led to his dismissal. Could you please comment on that? Zoledziowski wrote in his email with the following questions.

1) How do you respond to the allegations that you unmasked Sarah Seales?

2) Why did you write articles about her?

3) She claims you accessed her nude photos behind her OnlyFans paywall – is that correct?

4) How do you respond to the allegations that you posted the photos online without his consent?

5) Seales said you harassed her. How do you respond to that?

6) How do you respond to allegations that you have also targeted others in the community, including people who identify as LGBTQ?

7) Do you have anything to add?

RNM responded by explaining that Seales had married a convicted child sex predator and went into detail regarding the false allegations made.

“Absolutely, I can answer that. RNM’s Clifton French responded. “I was given advice on a concerned parent’s page. A source provided screenshots of the page. It was a newsworthy story, so I asked for his comments and I wrote the stories. I confirmed the information. I have never posted nude photos of her. I have included redacted photos of her photos that she posted on her onlyfans account in my stories. None nudity has never been shown or published.

“I contacted Seales once via Facebook Messenger for a comment. That was my only contact with her. This is not harassment.” The email continued. “I do not target the LGBTQ community. In fact, I was the only journalist in the area to publish an article on a real hate crime which led to the identification of the perpetrators.

RNM has also offered to speak with Zoledziowski over the phone and provide documentation regarding any reported issues, although such documentation is readily available to subscribers through RNM’s website. As of press time, Zoledziowski has not called or answered.

Subscribers can read the full email exchange below.

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According to the VICE News website, Zoledziowski, who is from Canada, has been a journalist for maybe 4 years and “focuses on a wide range of social justice issues, including Indigenous affairs, race, politics, rights sex workers and the disproportionate harm suffered by racialized communities as the climate crisis deepens.

His social media feeds are also replete with attacks on conservative commentators and news outlets. Subscribers can see screenshots of these posts below.

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In June, REAL News Michiana discovered that Seales was selling nude full-body photos on pornography website Seales was the STEM-based DoD STARBASE teacher in South Bend, located at the city’s National Guard Armory.


DoD STARBASE is a collaboration between school districts and the military, offering STEM courses and camps across the country, primarily for 5th graders. STARBASE School in South Bend is located at the National Guard Armory off Kemble Avenue on the southwest side of town. Several local schools have partnerships with the program, where they send children for a week of hands-on STEM-based learning.

According to the Indiana National Guard’s website, “STARBASE is a Department of Defense educational program with four locations in Indiana, including Fort Wayne, South Bend, Gary, and Indianapolis, residing on the headquarters campus of Indiana National Guard’s Stout Field Indiana STARBASE students participate in challenging “hands-on and mind” experiential science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities in an environment that is both technological and human-friendly. exposes to positive civilian and military role models in their communities.The free five-day, 25-hour intensive program is designed at the 5th grade level for an entire class (up to 32 students), and STARBASE also offers summer camps. summer for individual students wishing to participate in the program.


According to the school’s website, Seales uses the nickname “Buttercup.” RNM confirmed that Seales also asked his students to call him “Buttercup”.

“Buttercup” is also the name Seales uses on his porn page. She also advertises her porn page on her open and public social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram.

It also appears that Seales was married to a convicted pedophile for a time. A man, who appears to have been her husband until 2018, was convicted of child molestation in 1998 and spent 3 years in prison.

RNM reached out to Seales on Facebook for comment on the porn page. Seales initially lied, claiming his page was “clean”. However, RNM has obtained nearly a dozen full-body nude photos that she sells to people on the site. RNM blacked out Seales’ breasts and vagina in the following images.

After RNM provided Seales with one of the nude photos she sold on the site, she threatened to take legal action against the news agency.

Seales and a friend of his then took to social media to lambast the RNM reporter for working on the story. Seales again lied, claiming his page was “clean”. She went on to claim that RNM was attacking professional women with “stolen intimate content”.

Seales attempted to obtain a protective order against Clifton French of RNM for writing and publishing the story. A judge denied his request.

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