Zac Brown calls out ‘dividing’ media and politics

Before launch Zac Brown Band‘s Out in the Middle tour, lead singer Zac Brown discussed politics, COVID-19 and touring in an interview with rolling stonereleased Thursday (April 21).

Brown called out politicians and the news media saying, “When you look at people’s agendas and how they’re going to manipulate people to accomplish their agenda, it’s very obvious and it’s hard to find the truth. . When you hear about something and instead of saying, “Wow, this is happening,” the news is no longer reporting on what’s happening. It’s about how to get people to join us or hate that person or do those things. I think a lot of things in the media are very controversial, and that’s not the America I know.

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Brown also likened media consumption to sipping on “poison.”

“You can pick a channel here and you get pissed about one thing and your cortisol goes up and you watch this one and you get pissed about it. We are a tribal people, as we were 200,000 years ago. The technology is so advanced and so advanced that we hear so many opinions from people about things that we forget what is right in front of us,” he added. “So you just sip this poison and get stimulated by all these things that are around all the time. We weren’t really supposed to hear the voices of people that we can’t hear beyond our ears. This is how we were made and created. [It’s like] the Wild West with everything we’re in right now and what it does to our – disconnected from nature, disconnected from the Earth, disconnected from the things that are there.

Zac Brown Band will host the Robert Randolph Band in a supporting role for their series of stadium and amphitheater shows this year, in support of their recent album, The return. Brown noted the unifying impact of having the ability to travel, experience other cultures, and get to know people from all kinds of backgrounds.

“Mark Twain had a quote about how travel is deadly for ignorance and racism. After going out and seeing a lot of other things, you realize we’re all the same,” he said. explained “We all have the same human condition – we fall in love, we get heartbroken, we have hard times, we have adversity. Music is one of those powerful things that unifies those across the stories.

Today, 14 years after the release of their first major album, The foundationBrown also says he and his bandmates learned to approach touring and live shows in a healthier way than they did in their early years.

“I see it as a professional sports team, it’s a competitive thing and we take it seriously. [in] the way we practice, the way we rehearse, the way we play. No one is allowed to drink or smoke or take drugs or anything during the show. Whatever they do after the show, they have a little window before they get on the buses and ride again. But I think what we do best now is take care of ourselves… It’s our life and our business, and we have to take it seriously.

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